The Kent Local Area Group

The Kent Local Area Group of the G Scale Society was first started in a small way for those in North West Kent by Andy Cottenham of 'Kent Garden Railways' but was taken over and developed to cover the whole of the County of Kent by Paul Newman in 1996 when Andy's commitment to opening his shop meant that he did not have the time to organise the Group.

The local group is run by a committee which, with the help of members, organises a programme of activities including:-
  • "Open Days"
  • Indoor Winter Meets
  • Other visits

"Open Days" are where members open their gardens to members and on occasions to the public as well, so that members can meet together bringing our trains to run on those tracks.

Two Indoor Winter Meets, to run trains, are held in halls across the county. This gives members the opportunity to run trains regardless of the outside weather and have a social day. The more locos, coaches and trucks brought along to run the merrier.

Currently events are held at :-

  • Teynham in January

  • Pratts Bottom in Autumn

Details of Group events and other visits are displayed in the Events Diary and are usually circulated to members by email from time to time.

There are several portable tracks owned by members.

Kleinbach literally ‘small stream’, is an imaginary provincial town in Bavaria or over the border in Austria. It is served by a narrow-gauge railway with a station in the outskirts of the town and a local tramway providing a link to the town centre. As with many minor railways in continental Europe, locomotives, coaches and wagons have been acquired from a variety of sources, hence the rather mixed stock list. Rolling stock and track on this 45mm gauge line are mainly by LGB, with buildings by Pola or scratch built. The layout has been built using baseboard and track laying techniques more normally found in the smaller scales. Tight curves are an inevitable compromise in a large-scale layout in a small space with a continuous run. A conventional electric DC supply is employed to power the trains and trams. Roger Allen

Rheilfordd Y Dderw Welsh for the ‘Oaks Railway’ was originally constructed in 1992 for a model railway and boat show. Since that time it has developed from a small oval with a loop to its present size. It has been exhibited at a number of venues, including the 16mm Association Annual Convention and G-Rail, the Annual convention of the G Scale Society. The original intention in constructing the layout was to show what could be achieved in the garden for those interested in larger scale model railways. Our layout shows how even quite limited amounts of ground can be used to build an interesting and workable model railway. The trains represent narrow gauge railway stock produced by manufacturers from around the world. Some are fairly accurate models of particular locomotives and stock, while others are free-lance designs which attempt to capture the flavour of the narrow gauge scene. Some are "off-the-shelf" proprietary models, but many are hand built from raw materials. Most of the locomotives are powered by live steam, but there are battery powered examples also. Some are radio-controlled, but others are manually operated. Frank Oakes

The Tramway - This was really only part of the old GER. It was built in 2006 having purchased the tram secondhand. It's first full outing was at the Kent Show 2007. It seemed to go down well with members and the public and so goes out whenever the builder is out with the GER. It is run off a 12 volt controller as speed is not an issue and the lighting is 12 volt . The reversing unit is one from Gaugemaster, purchased from Kent Garden Railways. The trees are live and living shrubs - well pruned - in small pots. Andrew Lloyd

How do you join the local group ? for more information

G Scale Society

This is a national organisation for those interested in large scale model railways which are usually found in gardens.

The Society produces a magazine four times a year known as "G Scale Journal" which contains articles by members about their railways and projects and also includes dates and venues of events around the country.

In April each year a national meeting known as "G Rail" is held which includes many layouts and plenty of dealers . At this event the Society holds its AGM when the Committee is elected.