GER Portable Track 2019 - 2024

Over a number of years the Kent Group has been operating its own track at exhibitions and indoor meets. This track, The Garden of England Railway, was built, maintained and operated by members of the Kent Group. It was felt that further development would be difficult without a major rebuild and after discussion with the original builders it was decided to look at possible alternatives.

A layout existed within the area which had been to several events:-Swiss and Welsh. Unfortunately the owner - Mr Robert Maynard-Smith had passed away and his son was unable to devote the time and commitment to exhibiting and maintaining the layout. Pat, Robert's wife, kindly offered to sell "Swiss and Welsh". The Kent Committee put the proposal to purchase the layout to the membership at the AGM. Once agreed the purchase was made with costs being offset by the sale of our existing track. This gave the group a larger layout with scope for further enhancement and one which is quicker to erect and dismantle at exhibitions, an important consideration to those who help with this task.

Since obtaining the layout a considerable amount of work has been carried out to upgrade the electrics,track work and scenery into how it is today.  We now have three interconnected circuits of track to allow additional trains to be ran at the same time.  It was initially named GER II to distinguish it from the previous layout GER and displayed and operated in its new form. We have now renamed it to GER. Again, this has given the group a chance to "fine-tune" and the results are:-

The track will be used at future indoor meets and members are urged to take the opportunity to come and run your own stock on GER. As changes are made they will be reflected in articles on our website, but any questions can be answered at gsskent(at)

Please note that GER will be at all Pratts Bottom and Teynham Meets.


Layout Length: 26Feet (7.92meters)

Layout Width: 10Feet (3.05Meters)

Track used: Peco G-45

More information for members can be obtain by request using via the "Contact us" link page.