Scratch Building - More on Buildings


by Wolf Schulze

Here it is most important that we make a plan of what we want to construct.

My favorite method is to find a suitable building in existence. As we are mostly dealing with Narrow Gauge, we could travel round the county and visit such railways as the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, The Sittingbourne Railway, The Tenterden or some of the village stations of the main line.

The station shown here is on the Garden of England Railway and is a replica of Barming station near Maidstone. The best way to start is to take a photograph of the actual station and then measure the length of a window sill or a window or door.

It is important to view the object from straight in front. A half-side view is absolutely useless. If you are upgrading from OO gauge you could scale up anything you have already.

My Weissenburg Station has been scaled up like this. You don,t have to be constrained by size. The stations on the Harz Querbahn are just as big as some mainline stations. On the other hand Victoria or St.Pancrass would look out of place.

The main thing is use good weatherproof glue and plenty of good paint. give the whole construction a good coat of matt varnish and repair as necessary. The only parts you may have to buy in are windows and doors. There are plenty of manufacturers of these items. for the roofs of my buildings I tend to use Dollhouse shingles. This can come expensive and time consuming. If you scale your building to 1/24, you may be able to use some items from Dolls house Catalogue. It is important to keep these catalogues well out of sight of any female members of the family. I am speaking from experience as I have been wasting much precious time on building Dolls houses and I don't even have a daughter.

I hope these few notes will be of help to you and have FUN.