What is "G-Scale" ?

So what is "G Scale" ?

The term "scale" is misleading, as the actual scale / size  of the locomotives, coaches and wagons vary from track to track. There is no formal definition but "G Scale" was started by the German firm of Lehmann in the 1960s, with a trade name of LGB (which means the Lehmann Big Railway), G scale is essentially the modelling of narrow gauge railways on 45mm wide track (the same as Gauge 1 but with a heavier profile).

As far a "Scale" is concerned popular scales used are 1:20.3, 1:22.5, 1:24 and 1:29 although there are considerable variations. The quality and variety of LGB products is almost legendary and such has been their success that many other manufacturers have entered the market, including Playmobil in Germany, Bachmann in the USA and a host of smaller firms in the UK.

G Scale products are generally:- long-lasting, reliable and weather-proof, making them ideal for garden operation. It is even alleged that an elephant can stand on the track without damaging it. Not many of us have tried that! Some modellers run their stock straight from the box, others build from kits, still others build from scratch using metal or plastic materials.

For more information about "G Scale" visit the G Scale Society website - see our Web Links page.