Pictures from Milton Bowls Club 4th July 2010

Just to let you know on Sunday a few hardy members attended the Milton Bowls Club Summer Fete. The Kent Group were invited to put on a display/run some trains for the event.

As you may be aware the Bowls Club has very kindly offered us storage/working space for GER and its refurbishment so how could we refuse?

We had a derailment which was cause by a certain canine asleep on the line...... TJ (life member) strikes again!

The Milton Bowls club has, in the past, provided space to erect GER in the March/April months to enable small teams from the Kent Group to undertake some TLC and re-ballasting type work. This facility has been very kindly arranged via one of their members - who just happens to be one of our members too! - What a busy bunch we all are.

John Spann very kindly arranged for the GER and parts thereof to be stored in the Ladies Changing Room (no puns please) to enable small teams to gain access and do the electric work and other boys stuff! required.

They (Milton Bowls club) decided to put on a Summer Fete this year to raise money for the Molly Wisdom Hospice.

The young man in the pictures (who was in charge) is James Starr (my nephew) and the display plus Children's Drive a Train Sessions were a great success. The Kent Team on duty (and under the direction and supervision of James) were:-

Martin and Elizabeth Cook + TJ

John and Julia Morgan

James Starr

John Spann

Martin Piper also attended on Sunday (he arrived just in time for an ice cream!!!