Pratts Bottom Village Hall 2011

Over 60 people attend the Indoor meet at Pratts Bottom Village Hall on 30 October 2011, the best attendance we have had at this venue.........perhaps because it was held away from December and all that that brings with the weather and the festive season. Four tracks were running and plenty of visiting locos and carriages ran through the course of the day. Julia and Jean did a splendid job in keeping everyone fed and watered and nobody escaped Elizabeth and her raffle tickets. We appreciated the time that two Kent Traders gave by attending with their stock, Andy & Len of Kent Garden Railways and Alan on Pendlebury Models.

All photos by Roy Lloyd

Jeff Fray running GERII (the group track)

Julia and Debbie's loose laid track on the stage

General view during setting up

Halloween'en train on the stage track

Christopher's Light Railway

Stage Track Managers - the two James'

Christopher's Light Railway